Animal Communication Evening

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Come along to this very interesting evening and learn something new…….

Friday 16th June, 2017 –  Bridestowe Village Hall – 7 – 10 pm…Refreshments included – £12.50 per person.…..To book your tickets contact Caz on 01837 658905/07790865594 or email………or complete the booking form above…….advance booking required…


As with any skill in life we sometimes find it strange that other people don’t get it.

A note from the speaker…….

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro work in unity to dance through dressage tests; for a friend of mine it is scoring goals, for me it’s communicating with animals

This ability to connect with other beings at many different levels has been amazing, and I am very grateful I can help animals and humans in this way. I know we all have this ability and with practice and respect we can all communicate consciously in this way.

Share with me some of the weird, wonderful, life enhancing and miraculous experiences of communicating with other species. Discovering why bizarre behaviour in our companions suddenly cease when we trace it back to experiences we have no idea they’ve had. Like the story of the Mare and the Wolf living in Yeovil!

Working with the full spectrum of psychic senses, I by pass thought process and this helps the animals to share a huge range of information. Some of this can be funny – like the fainting farmer sharing health issues with his overactive bull! (Shared with both of their permissions).

It can be the shout for attention – e.g. receiving images of an antique French enamelled wood burner, and being asked to describe it in detail as the first piece of information shared with the owner was strange; but this sceptic needed proof that his dearly loved Lab was actually talking to me.

It can be poignant – When asked to help with food intolerances the puppy shared with me that the owner was beating her. Little Indigo now lives with me – the owner having given her up after breaking her hind leg. She no longer has food issues, as she has chosen raw diet because it suits her; she just has lots of bounce, bark and joy even at 11years.

And practical – like sharing the taste of arsenic flavoured grass, and the information that the area was an old tin processing site. The owners had to do some research – and straight from the horse’s mouth – it was correct.

Regardless of what comes forward, I am very down to earth and have a strong sense of the ridiculous often laughing at myself. However, this work is from the heart – all of the information shared spreads light on who our animal companions really are & what they need to help them in this life.

This is a fun and amazing evening, and we will talk about some simple actions you can take to start opening your ears, heads and hearts to share a closer understanding of who your animal partner is and just how they are also helping you with your life.

Jo Elton