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Match Night!

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Congratulations to all the winners on match night this week and to Josephine Pinfold for coming to judge.

Judges Critique:

BIM Farlap's - Borus Abstract at Farlap (Imp Can) - Bloodhound. 13 month old bitch. Lovely narrow headpiece, all in proportion, correct bite, beautiful noble expression, Long neck, muscular shoulders, in good body, strong feet, carried tail well on the move. Should do well.

Best Puppy Millers - Eddeswarren Temptress - Cocker Spaniel. 8 months old bitch, beautiful head, and expression, with lovely square muzzle,correct bite,dark eye, ears set perfectly on level with her eyes, good sloping shoulders, carried topline well. Glorious black shiny coat, moved well for one so young.

BV Marmol's - Polemennor Fun in the Sun- Irish Setter. 9 1/2 year old Male, in fine form, really enjoying himself. Long lean head, dark almond shaped eye, correct scissor bite, good shoulder placement, deep chest, held topline well. Moved well back and forth. A fine Gentleman .


Best Puppy - Cocker Spaniel, Chrissy Miller with Tess Best In Match - Bloodhound, Sam Clark with Abi Reserve Best In Match - Tibetan Terrier, owned by Ana Prevel and handled by Amy Gilbert Best Veteran - Irish Setter, Franck Marmol with Oliver

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