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Obedience Show Winners 2015

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

What a great day, the sun shone, the rain kept away and all was well with the world (well, it was at Hatherleigh). We received many compliments from competitors who said how much they enjoyed the day and the venue. The earlier date for the show seems to have been a success as we are a double weekend with Liskeard show on Sunday, put us in your diary for next year. Thanks as always to the judges, stewards, scorers and all the helpers, especially Sandy our new Chief stay steward, without these people the show would not go on. I would like to thank Kay Allen for her help with the preparation for the show. I was able to secure judges for 2016 and a couple for 2017, my thanks to them. Anthony Davy (Chief Steward)

Show: Okehampton & District Canine Society Date: 11/7/2015 | Class: Novice Dog Judge: Tracey Young Entered: 27 | Worked: 19 | Trained: 8

First of all I would like to thank Tony and the Committee for inviting me to judge at this show, this being my first appointment to judge at an Open show I was very nervous but thanks to my stewards and competitors and friends I soon relaxed and enjoyed my day and I’m now looking forward to doing more. Results

1st 118 Q for Quinn at Kallijes WS handled by J Scott Lost 1 0.5 This was a lovely round, just a couple of minor faults but I’m sure this young dog will go a long way. Well Done.2nd 122 Stormerick Pasa Doble GR handled by C Sheilds Lost 2 3/4 This was a lovely round by a young inexperienced dog and handler and I’m sure this team will go far and wouldn’t be surprised if you win a red soon.3rd 105 Jezzechos Ross WS Handled by J Osbourne Lost 3 Wow! What can i say about this one? Apart from what a good boy despite having a huge hurdle to over come today he kept his head and did everything you asked of him. Well Done to you both.4th 10 Ikie Thats My Son WS Handled by A Beer Lost 4 This was another good round only losing points for jumping get this sorted and I’m sure you will be higher next time.5th 96 Barbers Boy XB Handled by H Lockyer Lost 4 0.5 Won this place after a run off with 6th All i can say is get his pre-empting sorted and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up higher.6th 52 Korbasian Starrunner WS Handled by R Everett Lost 4 0.5 This is a fantastic young dog and once he finishes maturing and gets stronger he will go far. This one I’m keeping my eye on for the future.

Thank you to everyone who excepted my final decision and I look forward to seeing you around the shows

Show: Okehampton & District Canine Society Date: 11/7/2015 | Class: Novice Bitch Judge: Carol Bath

My thanks to Tony for the invitation to judge at this very relaxed show, a lovely venue in a very picturesque setting. The weather was very mixed, but it stayed dry after the initial little shower, but it was also very hot at times! What can I say, a very eventful day, with many dogs really not ready for this class, but they came in and had a go, with most being sympathetically encouraged. Then we had stays, where 6 broke, 3 of which included the leading dog and two in with the chance of a place. But of course it all counts. That said it was a very enjoyable show. Many thanks to my wonderful steward Dave Edwards, faultless and so good with the handlers. Also, a first timer on the table Jane Passmore, a jolly lady, keen to learn and coped well with my scoring. You are welcome again any time, thank you. Thanks also to everybody behind the scenes and in the stay ring. There were 26 entries, 21 booked in, 5 trained. 16 in stays, 6 broke.

1st W ATKIN with SPECIAL WILLOW. X/B. 06/06/11. FDU. This little dog was a pleasure to judge, she kept an almost constant position, with just the odd drift. Gorgeous style and good attention. Many Congratulations. Lost 9.2nd ARO. M GUNNING with WOT A SPARKLER. W/S. 28/03/09. FDU. This lovely team worked early in the running order and could have taken the top spot but for the messy ret. Heelwork was even better in the run off. Hope that you get your win soon. Good Luck and Well Done. Lost 10.75.3rd ARO. ALLINGHAM & Aung with ALLANABRU AWESOME IN AMBER. Min Pinscher. 15/10/08. What a little star, beautiful style and attitude. Similar comments to the winner, even though not on the leg, they held an almost constant position. RC & RT taking points today, which the handler said was a first! Good Luck. Lost 10.75.4th PAT KIRK with PEPSANNER PRIDE OF LARA. G/R. 24/01/12. I really liked this girlie, her softness, she seemed like a sweet young lady who I could have taken home. I would have liked to see her able to express herself with more pace from the handler, who walked very slowly. Well done. Lost 12.25.5th HILARY HOLLEY with HONEYLANDS QUEEN BEE. W/S. 17/11/13. A pretty little girl, again handled very slowly, would like to see her when mum ups her pace. A hiccup in the middle of the HF taking a few points. Good Luck. Lost 12.50. Congratulations on your third ”B” win Hilary, all the best in ”C”6th CAROLE RAINES with DIAGEMTAS RUDHVELYN. B/C. 04/08/07. Leading before stays, when a loss of 5 points religated them. Some really nice heelwork, with the odd lapse, but soon brought back with Carole”s encouragement. Good Luck. Lost 12.75.

A couple of good training rounds, firstly Roy Newman & Tiggi ”CONQUELL LIEBA” GSD. 04/12/11. Great attitude from both Roy & Tiggi. Good Luck for the future. And, Jackie Bradford with GEFNI HEAVENLY HOLLY. GSD. 06/11/12. Another great training round with drive and attitude, just needing some commitment to her position, then watch this space!

As always, enjoy your four legged friends, no matter what happens in the ring!

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